HP C3700 workstation on Rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa.

HPC3700 workstation specification:

type      PA-8700

clock frequency    750MHz  

number of processors    1

HPC3700 workstation primary cache (on chip) 

total cache 2.25MB

instruction  0.75MB  

data  1.50MB


HP workstation performance results can be found at: 

HPC3700 workstation main memory

bus bandwidth      1.9GB/sec

HPC3700 workstation RAM type      120MHz SDRAM

HPC3700 workstation capacity      512MB-8GB

HPC3700 workstation memory slots  8 

PCI slots (6 total)  

PCI 1X (half card) 2 slots

PCI 2X (full size) 3 slots   

PCI 4X (full size) 1 slot 

HPC3700 workstation internal storage devices

Ultra 2 SCSI LVD  80 pin SCA connector

2 drives maximum

18GB (10K RPM)

36GB (10K RPM)

36GB (15K RPM)

73GB (10K RPM)

HPC3700 workstation removable media

CD-ROM or CD-RW*      1 internal

3.5 inch/1.44MB flloppy drive  1 internal

*HP-UX 11.0 and higher

HPC3700 workstation external storage 

NSE SCSI (HD50) 1 port - up to 7 devices

Ultra2 SCSI LVD 1 port - up to 13 devices

HPC3700 workstation networking interface 

integrated 10/100 Base-Tx 

LAN data rate 10/100 Mbits/sec

HPC3700 workstation other I/O 

serial interface 9-pin DIN 2 ports

parallel interface 25-pin DIN 1 port

USB Series A 2 ports 

(keyboard and mouse only)

HPC3700 workstation audio

type    integrated, CD-quality stereo

inputs stereo line-in, MIC-in

outputs stereo line-out, internal

speaker, headphones

hp graphics     hp fxe hp fx 5 

pro  hp fx

10 pro

HPC3700 workstation graphics cards           4 max       1 max 1 max

max resolutions*         1600x1200 1920x1200   1920x1200

image planes/overlay  24/24DB** 24/24DB 24/24DB

planes                       8 overlay 8 overlay 8 overlay

z-buffer                      24-bit HW 24-bit HW     24-bit HW

stencil planes             4-bit HW 4-bit HW 4-bit HW

alpha planes              SW 8/8DB HW    8/8DB HW

texture memory          Std. 9.5MB 48MB*** 110MB***

color maps        

image planes           2 image 2 image 2 image

18.1" (18.1" viewable)  1280x1024 res LCD flat

HPC3700 workstation panel display   

19" (18" viewable)   1600x1200 res. Flat FD 


®  CRT display  

21" (19.8" viewable)  1600x1200 res flat FD 

Trinitron CRT display

24” (22.5” viewable) 1920x1200 res flat FD 

Triniton CRT display 

HPC3700 workstation operating system supported

hp-ux 11i TCOE (Technical Computing Operating Environment)

hp-ux 11i MTOE (Minimal Technical Operating Environment)

hp-ux 11.0 

HPC3700 workstation environmental specifications


operating   0-3000m (0-10,000 ft)     

non-operating   0-4500m (0-15,000 ft)   


operating        5 to +40 degrees C

non-operating      -40 to +70 degrees C


operating      15 to 80% (non condensing)


operating random       0.21 G rms, 5-500Hz 

swept sine survival        0.5 G peak, 5-500Hz

random survival      2.09 G rms, 5-500Hz

safety      UL1950, CUL to CSA

C22.2#950, and TUV GS

Mark to EN60950/IEC950

emissions    FCC and CISPR Class B 

and VCCI Class B

HPC3700 workstation physical dimensions

height  44.5cm (17.5 inches)

width  22.9cm (9.0 inches)

depth  49.5cm (19.5 inches)

HPC3700 workstation physical dimensions with rack kit

height  6 EIA units

width 48.3cm (19 inches)

depth 66.5cm (25.8 inches)

rack orientation system racks on its side

HPC3700 workstation net weight     

minimum configuration    20.9kg (45.9 lbs.)  

fully loaded    25.4kg (55.8 lbs.)

HPC3700 workstation power requirements     

input current      7.4amps RMS max 

@ 100-120V

3.8 amps RMS max

@ 220-240V

line frequency      50-60Hz

HP C3700 workstation on Rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa.