HP Rx4640 Server on Rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai.

HP Rx4640 Server Specification:

The HP rx4640 is a entry to midrange HP Itanium-based server capable of up to 4 CPUs and eight cores as well as 128GB memory capacity. The rx4640 is a popular model for those looking to upgrade from legacy HP 9000 Servers. Common uses for this HP server include ERP, Supply Chain management and business intelligence purposes. Simplified management lowers operational costs and virtualization capabilities offer excellent utilization and continuous server levels.

The HP Integrity rx3600 (AB463A) server offers the ability to scale to 2 processors and 4 cores while supporting a maximum of 96GB of memory. The rx3600 allows eight internal hard disk drives to manage your data.


HP Rx4640 Server Processor cores: 2-4

Chipset: HP zx2

System bus bandwidth: 8.5 GB/s

Dual-core processor modules

HP Rx4640 Server Type: Dual-core Intel Itanium processor

1.42 GHz/12 MB Dual-core (9120N)

1.66 GHz/18 MB Dual-core (9140M)

Level 1 cache: 32 KB

Level 2 cache: 1 MB instruction/256 KB data

HP Rx4640 Server Level 3 cache: 12 MB (6 MB per core) and 18 MB (9 MB per core)

Main memory Bus bandwidth: 12.8 GB/s

HP Rx4640 Server RAM type: PC2-4200 ECC chip spare

HP Rx4640 Server DDR2 Capacity: 196 GB maximum

Processor 1 to 8 Cores

1 to 4 Processors

HP Rx4640 Server Dual Core: 1.6Ghz, 32kb Level 1 cache

HP Rx4640 Server Single Core Option: 1.5Ghz, 32KB

HP Rx4640 Server Architecture HP Integrity

HP Rx4640 Server Memory 128GB Max RAM over 16 or 32 DIMM Slots

(depending on your memory board)

HP Rx4640 Server Storage Capacity 600GB over 2 Drive Slots

HP Rx4640 Server on Rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai.