Sun Fire V880 server on rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai.

Sun Fire V880  specifications:


Number: Up to eight

Sun Fire V880  Architecture: 

X7047A - 750 MHZ UltraSPARC [tm]III (64-bit)

X7028A - 900 MHz UltraSPARC III (64 bit)

X7268A - 1050 MHZ UltraSPARCIII (64 bit) X6895A - 1200 MHz UltraSPARC III (64 bit)

Sun Fire V880 Memory Management: MMU with 64 I TLB entries and 64 D-TLB entries, 8192 hardware supported contexts

Cache Memory: 64-KB data and 32-KB instruction on chip per processor

Secondary: 8MB external per processor

501-5142 - V880 I/O board

501-4300 - V880 Motherboard

501-6323 - V880 Motherboard

Sun Fire V880 Main Memory

Capacities: Total of 16 DIMM memory slots available per CPU/Memory board

128, 256, 512MB, or 1GB*(16GB maximum per CPU/Memory board, 64GB maximum when configured with 8 processors)

1GB DIMMs are not supported on 750 MHz CPU/Memory boards.

Note: Install DIMMs in groups of four. 1050 MHZ CPU/memory boards require that all memory DIMM slots be fully populated.

Sun Fire V880 Memory Type: 232-Pin 7-nS memory modules 

X7051A - 2GB Memory kit (4 x 512MB SDRAM DIMMs)

X7050A - 512MB Memory kit (4 x 128MB SDRAM DIMMs)

X7053A - 1GB Memory kit (4 x 256MB SDRAM DIMMs)

X7056A - 4 GB Memory Kit(4 × 1GB SDRAM DIMMs) 

Sun Fire V880 Standard Interfaces Ethernet:

One Gigabit ether (1000 Base-SX) dual SC fiber optic port

One ether/fast ether (10 Base-T/100 Base- T)twisted pair standard connector (RJ-45)

X4444A - Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (QGE)

X1033A - Sun FastEthernet PCI Adapter (FE/P) 2.0

X1034A - Quad FastEthernet PCI (QFE/P)

X1141A - Gigabit Ethernet PCI (GBE/P) 2.0

X1150A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (Copper)

X1151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (Fiber)

X3150A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (Copper)

X3151A - Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (Fiber)

X4150A - GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (GCS)

X4151A - GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (GFS) 

X4445A - Quad GigaSwift PCI-X Ethernet (QGE-X)

X5558A - XFP Optical Transceiver Multi Mode Fibre

X5559A - XFP Optical Transceiver Single Mode Fibre

Sun Fire V880 Keyboard and mouse: USB (uses one of the two standard USB (Type A) port

PCI: Nine full sized, hot swap, PCI slots pliant with specification Revision 2.1:

Two slots operating at 66MHz, 64 or 32 bits wide, 3.3 volts

Seven slot operating at 33 MHz, 64 or 32 bits wide, 5 volts

Sun Fire V880 Remote System Controller: One RSc card plugs into a dedicated slot on the system I/O board 

which includes integrated modem, serial and Ether interfaces.

One 56 Kbps modem port (RJ-11)

One EIA-232D serial port (RJ-45)

One 10 Mbps Ether port (RJ-45)

Serial: Two RS-232D/RS-423 serialports (DB25) via splitter cable (x985A)

USB: Two standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type A connectors

SG-XPCI1FC-EM2 - 2Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y

SG-XPCI1FC-QF4 - 4Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y

SG-XPCI1FC-QL2 - 2Gb PCI-X Single FC Host Adapter, RoHS:Y

Sun Fire V880 Internal Mass Storage

Host adapters: Internal SCSI to support the internal DVD and optional removable media devices.

Up to nine PCI-to-dual FC-AL adapters or PCi-to-UltraSCSI adapters

Disks: Up to 12 3.5"x1" 10000 RPM FC-AL disks, 36.4GB, and 146GB capacity. Maximum total capacity of 1.7TB

X6742A - 73.4GB FC-AL 10000 RPM

X6805A - 73.4GB FC-AL 10000 RPM 

XRA-FC1CB-146G10K - 146GB 10000 RPM FC-AL

X6724A - 36.4GB FC-AL 10000 RPM

DVD-ROM: 10X DVD-ROM (standard)


Tape: Optional 12GB DDS 3 4mm or 20 GB DDS4 4mm single drive. 

SG-XTAPDAT72-5F68 - DAT 72 Tape Drive

X6283A - 12 - 24GB 4MM 

X6295A - 20 - 40GB 4MM

Sun Fire V880 Power Supplies

300-1353 - Power Supply for V880 

Type: 2 minimum, 3 for N+1 redundancy, individual power cords

Output: 1100W maximum per power supply

Sun Fire V880 Enviornment

AC input: 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 15 A(max) per power cord, 1.48 KVA per power supply(3.0 KVA)


Sun Fire V880 server on rent Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai.